• Here you will find the chronicles of our family of four. More pictures than words, I am most at home capturing our life with a still camera. Photos help me recognize the beauty and awesomeness in both the phenomenal people I live life alongside and this breathtaking place we live, planet earth.

    I am a child of God. I am the wife to a wonderful man, mother to two amazing little people. I am both daughter and sister. I am a runner. I love to travel and read.

    I often title this season of our life's adventure, The Continuing Adventures of Mallory Girl and Mark Boy. The photography is mine (unless otherwise noted.) Questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading and adventuring alongside us.

fall bubbles

Fall is a fabulous time, the cooler temperatures, school starting, routines established, new friends and fun. At our house it also means a few runny noses and red eyes due to seasonal allergies. I’m thankful for Benadryll and Vicks Vapor Rub. This little guy’s body is fighting the allergy crud-exhibit A:runny nose exhibit B dark circles under his eyes. This morning he asked to play with the bubbles, so we played with the bubbles. He’s getting pretty good if I may say so….love you buddy.


gymnastics birthday

Mallory has been talking about her sixth birthday for almost a year. She attended a party at a gymnastics studio last fall and rapture is too calm a word to describe her response. NOTHING else was as interesting as a gymnastics party. After so many months listening to her determination and desire, I too was convinced it was the very best possibility. Last Saturday her dream came true and we celebrated with several of her friends and enjoyed watching and sharing in her delight. The studio gifts the birthday child with a special turn on a bungee swing. After the swing we enjoyed snacks and cupcakes and singing to the honoree.

It seemed fitting that the present she most desired was a doll that enjoys the sport as much as Mallory. Happy 6th baby girl.


Happy 6th Birthday!!

Six years ago today you changed my life forever. Thank you baby girl. Thank you for growing and loving and learning and playing and smiling and singing and hugging. Thank you for showing me everyday how much I have to learn and grow and that we get to do it together.  It is an honor to be your mommy. Thank you for being such a special little girl.

Jennifer Woodbury - September 19, 2012 - 10:21 pm

She’s getting so big! Happy birthday Mallory!

Mark starts Pre-school

Labor Day has come and gone (another post that hasn’t quite made it to the blog) and John Mark started at SMA. He was super excited to see Ms. Becky and Ms. Kerry, he was in their class for one day of summer day camp. And there were, insert drumroll here, NO tears (from either of us!) At 2 years and 9 months, he is growing like a weed and talking up a storm-gracious there are LOTS of words.  He is my little helper and happy to help me pick up any “mess.” He loves to read books and play trains and build with Duplo Legos. He has become fascinated with both Batman & Spiderman and still adores the Cars movies and their characters. I still hear, “push me on the swing Mommy, PLEASE” often and he is LOVING his new scooter that came home from London.