Monthly Archives: July 2006

movie night

A cute smiley kind of movie–not too serious, several laughs and even a few quotable lines.View full post »

new banner

The birds enjoyed bathing in the pool, apparently the chlorine didn’t bother them.View full post »

changing table

it’s in and makes me smileView full post »

Happy 28th Birthday

Happy birthday favorite sister–you are totally the best!View full post »

before and after

The kitchen table: Now I need to paint the chairs red and find goldish cushions for them!View full post »

no more fear

of glass breaking! Ben decided yesterday that we needed to use the coupon that arrived in my in-box for World Market. ItView full post »

beautiful sounds

I adore the sound of rain. This morning I was awakend to the delightlful sounds of thunder and the pitty pat of rainView full post »

Oh how I wish….

it would rain! It’s seriously HOT and dry. Our once pretty yard is all but dead. I may have to research rainView full post »

Favorites of Us

I’m having trouble picking a favorite…any votes?View full post »

Beach photos

Now that we have been home a week and I have access to the photos again, I wanted to share a few pictures . Thanks toView full post »

It’s good to be home

even from paradise. Ben and I made a list of all the things we liked best about begin at home-it was pretty funny asView full post »

a southern view

Can you feel my swollen ankles relaxing?  I’ve stopped counting the days-or anything elseView full post »


Day TWO I saw a beautiful rainbow that was a welcome sight after the storm.View full post »

Baby Drew

More of this sweet boy hereView full post »

Can you believe????

that it’s July? I can’t. Wow–where has the year gone? It’s amazing that we are seven monthsView full post »


Thank you Deloris for bringing the Ben’s beautiful baby quilt. It was made by Olive Burch just for Ben when he wasView full post »