Monthly Archives: August 2008

new favorite

She loves her train! At any given time you can hear, "ch ch ch ch ch," at our house these days. She firstView full post »


we {heart} giraffes she requested this very photo! our favorite thing!View full post »


Hanging out on the deck after naptime. When Daddy's away, we need specific distractions in the late afternoon. SheView full post »

jump zone

Another new experience! The jump zone is a big hit They have the cutest bounce stuff-I particularly enjoyed this "View full post »

chuck e. cheese

We had a FOM (families of Mankin Media Systems) night Friday night. Three of the four families gathered to see "theView full post »


We are practicing our balloon tying skills. I think she is getting pretty goodView full post »

our county fair

We finally made it to the county fair this year. To me the fair means a midway complete with ferris wheel, View full post »

Bows & Daddy

In the last few weeks, Mallory has decided that she adores wearing bows. One of her new favorite games included pullingView full post »

Monkey’s Treehouse

This picture cracks me up. The 5 year old is driving, Mallory is watching every move and sweet E is pushing the wholeView full post »


  Mallory's latest favorite word is "splash." It's from the Curious George book, George fallsView full post »

more please

New favorite game. Conning your friends or parents into pulling you up the hill and pushing you down. SO MUCH FUN. YouView full post »

“bye bye”

When I put Mallory down for her nap today, I told her she had a treat. I found the Curious George book in the car andView full post »