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L favorites.

Just a few favorites from the trip!View full post »

Ben’s Turkey.

Ben did a great job with the turkey–he soaked it over night in a saltwater and honey concoction and then cooked itView full post »

Baking pies.

My Thanksgiving involved lots of baking, specifically pumpkin and pecan pies-and of course several calls to Texas forView full post »

I have a dream…

to take cool photos of people. My dream includes taking these photos in lovely light and of families. Whatever theView full post »

from London II.

Oxford was great. We stopped by old haunts including St. Mary’s Church, the Bodleian Library, Blackwell’s,View full post »

from London.

By special request, I am posting from London. It’s wonderful!! Or as the locals say, "brilliant." TheView full post »


Ben’s cell phone will not work!!! I am so pumped Vacation starts now.View full post »

Xmas Cards.

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving. Around our house, that means (among other things) Christmas Card planning. IView full post »

on the brain…

thanksgiving and cooking yummy things in my beautiful new kitchen packing for London!!!! how much I want to get my BSFView full post »


It’s only been 24 hours. And already, I’m missing my camera! It is off on an adventure without me-and thisView full post »

November the what?!?!

I can’t believe it’s already November-and the 4th no less. I told someone recently that if feels like ourView full post »


I have a confession to make. There are days I like the laundry. It soothes my ruffled soul. Something about the wholeView full post »