Monthly Archives: July 2005

no news.

I have no news to report. We still don’t have a closing time. I am disillusioned and disappointed. Living in chaosView full post »

thankful for…

Today, I am thankful for much. I wanted to remember these things: My Sister: JenniferMy Beloved: BenSongs: melodies thatView full post »

not closing day.

Today was to be closing day. In March when we signed a contract on a new-yet-to-be-built house, we chose this Friday toView full post »

pb hallway.

More inspiration from the PB catalog. I think this would be a COOL hallway idea.View full post »

the saga continues.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! We have power–in the form of electricity With a little luck, and some work by Beazer employeesView full post »

3-5 days.

The house saga continues. Currently we are not sure if the underwriter has all the info needed to clear us for closing.View full post »


I just can’t get enough of these bookcases. I adore the "A" displayed in this one, but even without the&View full post »