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Twirling and Jumping

synchronized twirling and the grand finally ta-da!View full post »

Picture Day

These little girls (plus one more) make up Mallory's dance class. Six of these girls started the year together andView full post »

hunting eggs @ home part 2

Sunday evening: after a too short nap and LOTS of excitement. More friends to play with and watch hunt eggs. EveryoneView full post »

hunting eggs @ home part 1

ready-set-go watching the boys run and gather:lots of watching her pals happy with her effortsView full post »

all dressed up for Easter

more pictures on the porch small smiles + basket + Eeyore Aunt Jenn + DaddyView full post »

easter bunny delivers

Mallory has talked and talked and talked about wanting a purple backpack (just like Dora.) This purple backpack wouldView full post »

good friday

we took these Friday evening on our way out the door: these two are super cute togetherI love watching them play andView full post »

Hunting Eggs

Mallory remembered exactly what to do, as soon as the basket showed up in our family room she was ready. No practiceView full post »

Pinkerton Park

Sunday after church and before the egg hunt, we had time to play. and play and play hooray for playtime with your DaddyView full post »


These two darling girls are destined to be great friends. Born 3 days apart, to parents who went to college together andView full post »