Hunting Eggs


Mallory remembered exactly what to do, as soon as the basket showed up in our family room she was ready. No practice rounds for this little girl.


I will share that she was WAY more interested in opening the eggs than finding more. I promise there were other children (lots of other children) at this event too. I just happened to shoot these with the empty field in the background.


she pulled the basket right in front of her as I took this, so funny that she wanted it front and center (yes she knows EXACTLY what I am doing!)

IMG_7158 hcrop

Thank you Ben for taking this of your girls! We sure do love you.

Gail Day - April 11, 2009 - 6:17 pm

These are too adorable! Please send me the link! Something may be haywire with Costco’s site, I never got the previous link.
So many great eggs to find! shall we hunt more here???

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