Monthly Archives: January 2009

Louisville ZOO

Our first trip of 2009: we headed to Louisville, KY. Ben has a client there and the MMS team has been working diligentlyView full post »


When Ben is out of town (and sometimes when he's in town), we need distractions. This particular morning I pulledView full post »

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy 33rd birthday! We had a great day making waffles, playing outside, hanging the new bird feeder, reading, napping,View full post »


Today is FREEZING in Nashville. Literally. The high for today is 26. Knowing this ahead of time, I decreed a stay-at-View full post »

creative spaces & doggies

 After the Zoo on Friday we went to see Aunt Jenn's new studio. Mallory LOVES her dogs, the feeling seems toView full post »

the zoo

We are zoo people. We love going to the zoo. Our zoo spoils us in many cool ways. One of them is this AMAZING playgroundView full post »

photo a day

Several years ago, I tried to keep a visual journal. The whole 1 photo a day concept. I did not last long. Maybe notView full post »

bye bye pacifier

New Year's Eve we took her pacifier away. It was excruciating. For both of us. I felt mean and horrible. She wasView full post »

holiday album

 Last year I put together an album about our December. It kept me sane, yes really. Last year was hard. We lost myView full post »

good bye Christmas

we are already dreaming about next year I will confess that I have already put away all the decorations and am in theView full post »

Mallory’s room

festive holiday cheer in the nursery note the pacifier…… snowman pillow helps rocking feel more "View full post »

to Ben

Happy Anniversary: thank you for showing me this piece of the south pacific, I will never forget swimming with theView full post »

playing with Poppy

Ring around the Rosie with Nonnie, Poppy and all the "new" Disney characters. reading new alphabet books TeaView full post »