Monthly Archives: January 2010

Friday: snow day 1

Snow is not something we see a lot of in Nashville. A heavy "dusting" once or twice a year is lots of snow.View full post »

Our little boy

This was the photo I didn't pick for the announcement, but it was a VERY close second. Happy Monday!View full post »

Martin Luther King Day

Mallory had a holiday from school, those pre-school classes are so stressful after all. And we ALL needed an outing. SoView full post »

bookcase baby

I love pictures of newborns in bookcases. LOVE THEM. It only seems right that I torture my newborn with his new bookcaseView full post »


It's snowing here! The snow began falling Thursday and it's still falling! It's really great snow, enough toView full post »

Happy New Year….on the 3rd :)

We are excited to see what the year will hold!View full post »