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Our friend Nic Dugger was nominated for 3 Emmys and the Rising Star Award. He took home the sparkling Rising Star AwardView full post »

someday I’ll update…

After two long weekends out of town in a row…we are home for a bit. It’s good to be home, inside our ownView full post »

happy bday!!

Beautiful sweet friend!! Happy 30th last FridayView full post »

30th birthday.

Benjamin Preston Mankin is 30 years old!! **totally stole the image from Julie Whaley’s 30th party in vitation**View full post »

Pretty Cute.

Isn’t she a doll!!!!!View full post »


We hung out with some friends at the zoo today–lots of fun!View full post »

updated web site.

Thank you-thank you Julie for uploading the new images. Our web site has a fresh for the New YearView full post »

the one where I confess…

I lost my wedding ring during all the Christmas decorating. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, amidst all the garland andView full post »

Goal: take down the Xmas deco

I cannot remember a year when the Xmas decorations stayed up this long. It’s driving me crazy. As usuall, when IView full post »

Happy Anniversary.

Has it really been seven years?!!? I adore you–Here’s to seventy moreView full post »

New Years Day.

Happy New Years!! A new beginning. A first. A new year. A new month. A new week. A new day (this morning). A great day:View full post »

New winter banner.

taken last spring @ the Bellagio hotel: a la las vegas!View full post »