Monthly Archives: September 2005

home from vegas.

We love Las Vegas. Love the people, the churches, the amazing hotels, and the amazing shows–Cirque de solei isView full post »


we are ok and all is well–just busy. Crazy silly fun but busyView full post »

saturday…in the park.

Last Saturday.We spent the entire day on one long, lovely date.   A Recap of the "Date Day"Breakfast atView full post »

nearing completion.

Getting dangerously close to finishing. Still need to cut down the rod for hanging, need brackets that Bed Bath andView full post »

new banner.

how do you spell procrastination? I spell it incorrectly and am currently practicing it by choosing not to do theView full post »

Home again.

After 3 months (300% longer than we like to go before going somewhere) Ben and I were able to get away for the weekend.View full post »

Ben’s Labors.

Ben is just so darn handy! Thank you honey for putting in the new sink and faucet! They are so beautifulView full post »

curtain making.

the project begins…for real this time. Today’s goal–to cut out all the pattern pieces. Maybe tomorrowView full post »

dining room.

Love this table and chairs–the rug, the whole thing. OK–I like my artwork way better than what is picturedView full post »


Dreaming about putting together the gameroom. We have two cool bookcases and just need a chest or trunk for the plasmaView full post »

Gas $$$$$$

I remember gas prices being $1 a gallon. Not ancient history, when I was in high school. After school I filled up theView full post »

the first.

Wow–is it really September? The first of September? It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. IView full post »