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Today I am thankful for (in no particular order) -rain (it will help the green things grow)-that the sun is out longerView full post »


Mallory’s first 5K via stroller at the Nashville Zoo Run Run. No, it’s not a typo, they actually named itView full post »

Rain Gear

rain rain let’s go playShe doesn’t care that it’s FREEZING rain or that the air temperature is belowView full post »

photog’s child

"come on Mommy, let’s go this way"yes, she is leading me around by the camera strapView full post »

All Done

We have lots of communication these days. LOTS. Unfortunately not any English. This is her signal (along with manyView full post »


I love this picture. Ben took it and I just adore it. We read. All day long we read. She knows I am a sucker when itView full post »

never bored

ok…I found this post today and I am still laughing. It’s SO TRUE. I don’t know how anyone over the ageView full post »


I {heart} this. so silly, but maybe a fun cutesy apron will make me want to clean, cook, do useful stuff. or maybe not.View full post »

at home part 2

this face CRACKS me up. This picture is not great, I know. It’s not all that cute, her eyes aren’t in focusView full post »

at home part 1

In an effort to spread out these pictures of our beloved child, they will be coming to you in 2 parts. Basically I tookView full post »


January is a big "clean up & organize" month for me. Several years ago (wow, time flies) I posted thisView full post »

@ play

My favorite way to photograph little people is when they are having fun. This sunny morning we had a BLAST playing atView full post »

happy birthday

to Benjamin. We love you! I hope your day is great.This is a self portrait he took with Mallory’s help the day weView full post »

Valentines Day

I totally have Valentines on the brain. (There is no way I would actually make these, but they sure do look great!)View full post »

the ball

I use this ball for exercising and as a chair. For Mallory girl, it’s pure fun.View full post »

the ball

I use this ball for exercising and as a chair. For Mallory girl, it’s pure fun.View full post »


so much fun to play with Nonnie. Mallory would back up to Nonnie asking for zerberts. over and over again!!View full post »


Mallory and I are home. When we walked in the door, she ran around greeting all her toys and saying hello to theView full post »