Monthly Archives: September 2008

Magic Kingdom

This castle just makes me Happy. So much fun and wonderful memories. I love that we got to bring Mallory for herView full post »

animal kingdom

Mallory's first time to Disney's Animal Kingdom. She was SO excited. She might have been as excited as her mommyView full post »

for my daddy…

who let Nonnie come to Disney without him. THANK YOU!!!! we miss you and wish you were here::be checking the mail for aView full post »

birthday @ the park

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Mallory's second birthday at our favorite local park. It's safe to say everyoneView full post »

my favorite two-year old

most heard words: no, Mama, Dada, gaga (milk)-in that order!my favorite of your words: yes, orange, Dada, sparkle I'View full post »

first cookie baking

 In honor of her birthday we baked cookies Wednesday afternoon to take to school and share with her class. I choseView full post »

birthday celebrations

Our little girl is turning two this week. She has already received a fun package from her grandmother in Abilene. SheView full post »

a better day

This morning I didn't tell her that today was a school day. We went through our normal morning routine and onlyView full post »

by yourself

Our newest game is helping you learn to play by yourself. Mommy sets the goofy timer (right now for 25 minutes) whileView full post »

up up & away

Mallory LOVES her "Mr. Potato Head."  Just recently, she's been flying the potato around on Dumbo. ItView full post »

first day of preschool

We started preschool yesterday. We attempted last year and it was too soon. We are trying again. Despite similarities toView full post »

first dance class

If you need a good laugh, I recommend spending some quality time with 6 two-three year-olds in leotards and pink tightsView full post »

we love you

We love you Ben, thank you for all the hard work you do for us. You ROCK!View full post »

today you

spent 30 mintues playing in the front seat of our Kia while "Mama" put the groceries away and opened our newView full post »

adventures with Eyore

giving Eyore a bow Diapering Eyore taking Eyore for a ride Life is such fun for Mallory's Eyore!!View full post »

drinking yougart?!?!?

I think I need to get drinkable yogart instead of in a cup!View full post »

Labor Day

Hello September! It's good to see you We love our "borrowed" splash pool. Our friendly sprinkler "View full post »