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Happy official first day of summer. Or Midsummers Day. Or longest day of the year! Whatever you want to call it…weView full post »

Mimi Deloris

We love our Mimi Deloris. She came for a visit this past weekend and Mallory (and the rest of us) had a great time. SheView full post »

Mankin Cousins

This past weekend, we met up with the Mankin cousins for a celebration of (cousin/uncle) Jeff’s 40th birthday, aView full post »

9 months Old

Can you see my teeth? I am amazed that my baby is 9 months old today. The time is just flying. She is crawling (a bit)View full post »

Happy Father’s Day

Ben and his daughter and his Mother (Mimi Deloris)View full post »


My baby is crawling!It’s the "commando" crawl, planting the toes in the carpet and pulling herself alongView full post »

Alice in Wonderland

This is the coolest party I’ve ever seen. My head is still spinning and I just saw the pictures. I can onlyView full post »


My family will be the first to tell you that I am resistant to change. When it came time for my bedroom walls to beView full post »


This might be exactly what our new deck needs. Add an umbrella and it’s perfect!View full post »


I love living in a place where we can sit outside under umbrellas and chill. It’s the best. Loved having lunchView full post »


We are home for a bit. Time to recharge and reorganize after what seems like back to back trips. We are officially on &View full post »


Happy day-we discovered the swing.View full post »