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Rachel  tagged me. So—-5 random things. 1. I am just beginning to get over my obsession with dry bathmats.View full post »

I heart massage.

Loving my industry. Massage is so great. Helping the hurting, loving people. I get to meet the coolest people and myView full post »


Not mine (I am living in mine:))!!!! Jennifer’s. We drove around east Nashville Thursday afternoon and found thisView full post »


What is it? Where does it come from. How do I tap into it? Create it? These are questions rolling around in my headView full post »

Wednesday’s List.

*Jennifer arrived today. It’s so great to have her back!!! Good luck and God’s blessings on the interviewsView full post »

{photo a day}

I needed a cool way to post the photo a day thing. SO….ta da…another web page/blog by amanda. {photo a day}View full post »

loving Mondays.

Today I am loving Mondays. In my life, Monday means a new week, a fresh start, a day at home. It means the trash is goneView full post »

no pictures.

The Mankins, super busy with new home projects have no pictures to share. No photo a day or any others. We have a newView full post »


After patiently waiting two weeks, my sweet husband and Nick (a GREAT friend) delivered our dresser this afternoon. TheView full post »


This darling little boy delights me to no end. He is at that sweet crawling stage and all sorts of exciting newView full post »

Ben the Amazing.

This weekend’s list of accomplishments boggles the mind: Screws for the baker’s racklight fixtures changedView full post »

Baker’s Rack.

The unpacking is down to a few order of operations projects. I can’t finish organizing the pantry until theView full post »

Photo a Day.

Most days I pretend to march to my own drum. On really good days, Jesus is my personal drummer, on not so good days, IView full post »

Resting & Boxes.

Today’s progress includes resting and emptying boxes in the studio/office. I haven’t settled on a name forView full post »

Get Well Soon.

Hope your elbow heals quickly. Love you Daddy!View full post »

Week 1.

What a difference a week makes. That’s right, just seven days. Last Friday at 5pm Ben & I signed about 15View full post »


We are officially in the house. Working madly to make it home. Hope to post pictures really soon. It’s so good toView full post »