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Febuary Freshening

The photos here needed updating and the most recent family photos are from last fall. October 2013. Mallory is 7 andView full post »

Color Run Nashville 2013

My friend Abbey and I ran the second Nashville Color Run. It was great fun!! Kinda like pledge week with lots of peopleView full post »

Snow Day

Our first and possibly only snow day this winter. It sure was fun before Mark got cold! Just like his big sister, whenView full post »

Fall Break

Fall Break this year found us driving from TN to OKC. Over ten hours of driving from our house to theirs, all worth itView full post »

Punkins & Pumpkins

Pumpkin time in Edmond, OK at “the Pumpkin church.” LOTS of wind, BRIGHT sunny skies, ORANGE gourds left andView full post »

fall bubbles

Fall is a fabulous time, the cooler temperatures, school starting, routines established, new friends and fun. At ourView full post »

pirate swing

Uncle Jeff came for dinner Monday night. He and the children discovered the Pirate ladder swings!! In other newsView full post »

sprinkler fun

One fun way we’ve discovered to keep cool this summer.View full post »

the fourth

Hence forward this day will be celebrated as my niece’s birthday!! Welcome baby girl. We love you already!!!!!View full post »

farmers market: summer

Fresh produce & flowers, hair cuts at Dave’s Barbershop, and lovely morning spent together. I LOVE SaturdayView full post »

berry picking

SUCH FUN!! We will be going back when the rest of the blackberries are ripe. Maybe the children will let me bakeView full post »


and then, before I knew it, June arrived  We are jumping in with both feet, swimming lessons, dance camp, makingView full post »

Summer Swimming Preview 2012

The first swimming playdate of the summer. We managed to forget her swimsuit, opps. I managed to forget to borrowView full post »

Half Crazy

For the second year in a row I ran the Music City Half Marathon. Hooray! 13.1 miles. It was fun, (crazy right?!?!) I ranView full post »

afternoon on the porch

During Ben’s annual trip out west to NAB, Nonnie came to keep us company. While she was here, we freshened a fewView full post »

Spring Soccer

Four soccer seasons under her belt, four different teams and coaches and players. She still likes making goals and isView full post »

the Vineyard

Spring Break Preview 2012View full post »