• Here you will find the chronicles of our family of four. More pictures than words, I am most at home capturing our life with a still camera. Photos help me recognize the beauty and awesomeness in both the phenomenal people I live life alongside and this breathtaking place we live, planet earth.

    I am a child of God. I am the wife to a wonderful man, mother to two amazing little people. I am both daughter and sister. I am a runner. I love to travel and read.

    I often title this season of our life's adventure, The Continuing Adventures of Mallory Girl and Mark Boy. The photography is mine (unless otherwise noted.) Questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading and adventuring alongside us.

Snow Day

Our first and possibly only snow day this winter. It sure was fun before Mark got cold! Just like his big sister, when his toes got too cold, he began scream crying. I thought he’d really hurt something. But once I could understand his words, realized he was just cold. I’m thankful we got to play outside as long as we did. The snow was gone by the time naps were done. The only picture(s) I wish I’d gotten, but didn’t were of me sledding. It was SUCH fun. After I took a few turns, Mallory said, “It must be more fun when you are older.” Ha.

Gail - February 12, 2013 - 10:35 am

What fun! Everyone looks cozy – hot chocolate up next???

January 2013: the first half

I’m once again embarking on capturing our year, in the past, I’ve successfully taken a photo-a-day (or something close.) In 2012, I didn’t keep up with the photos and have sorely missed the results of not chronicling our days, weeks or months in pictures. I’m not sure what the ultimate form of presentation will be, for now this seems likely. Here we have a photographic representation of the first half of our January.

Jennifer - January 27, 2013 - 11:34 am

Mallory looks so big! Oh my goodness. Can’t wait to see y’all soon!

Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday little man. You bring joy and laughter and NOISE and fun into our lives everyday. Watching you grow and learn is a delight. I love how you watch your sister and learn and love and play. I love that you bring me books and want to work puzzles and want to play dress up (pirates and superheroes oh my) I love that you remember your cousins EVERYTIME we pray and thanking God for, “Parker and Hadley play drums.” I love to watch you play air guitar and dance. I love you little one, Happy Birthday.

Jennifer - December 21, 2012 - 11:54 am

He is so darling! Happy 3rd birthday! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas… your card was exquisite as usual. :)


I’m so very thankful for these four. There really aren’t words.My niece is the cutest little baby. I seriously want to snack on her.Hooray for timers and semi cooperative children!!! Thank you family for allowing me to paparazzi you for the last 10 years!! I couldn’t have better subjects!

Gail Day - December 11, 2012 - 7:52 am

Beautiful family!!! Your photo skills are amazing!!