• Here you will find the chronicles of our family of four. More pictures than words, I am most at home capturing our life with a still camera. Photos help me recognize the beauty and awesomeness in both the phenomenal people I live life alongside and this breathtaking place we live, planet earth.

    I am a child of God. I am the wife to a wonderful man, mother to two amazing little people. I am both daughter and sister. I am a runner. I love to travel and read.

    I often title this season of our life's adventure, The Continuing Adventures of Mallory Girl and Mark Boy. The photography is mine (unless otherwise noted.) Questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading and adventuring alongside us.

second grade begins

second grade collage

I seriously cannot believe my baby girl is a second grader. She was up an hour earlier than usual and I was thrilled we had friends over to fill the time before leaving for school. After a celebratory breakfast of scones and scrambled eggs, we headed to Heritage Elementary for her first official day of second grade. She was delighted to wear her new turquoise Converse shoes and equally excited to use her new backpack (every other year she gets a new one.) The one school supply we had to purchase ourselves was a zipper binder-it too is turquoise. Are you seeing a theme? I’m so thankful our school’s PTO sells grade level specific supplies!!  It’s a half day so John Mark and I get to have lunch with her after making it thru the car rider line. We only have to keep ourselves industriously occupied until then! Happy school year sweet love, I’m praying blessings over your friendships and teachers. I know that the Lord will give you opportunities to show kindness, love and serve others. Let your light shine before the world my sweet that our Father in heaven will be glorified.

Nonnie - August 8, 2014 - 1:25 pm

Thanks for the pics! She is certainly excited!

Febuary Freshening

lg fall photo collage jpg

The photos here needed updating and the most recent family photos are from last fall. October 2013. Mallory is 7 and John Mark almost 4. These have already made it to my entry collage. I managed to change out the frames before we went to Texas for Christmas. Happily, today I’ve made this little bit of progress here.


2014: A new year

web _MG_8264bmgsc1This new year brought a sprinkling of snow along with the COLD temperatures. I’m trying to pretend I like winter and the freezing weather. So far it’s a struggle. Instead of setting the traditional resolutions, I am attempting to try 12 things. January’s new thing was a flashback to my days taking a photo everyday. I got pretty close. With any luck, I will be posting them soon.  February’s goal is to work on archiving and backing up blog posts and pictures. Perhaps even a blog freshening.


Labor Day

Can it really be???

The summer is over? My mission, that I gladly accepted, was to squeeze every last drop of fun from our fleeting summer break. We started with swimming lessons and our very first camping trip. Visited Disney and spent time with lots of family, a trip to France with my mother, celebrating my niece’s first birthday. We participated in two weeks of VBS, Mallory went to camp for the first time at Deer Run. They both attended Rock Star week at church camp. And just before school started Ben and I joined some of his work friends in New York for a few days. Whew. Good summer! You can find more pics on my instagram feed here.  I’m hoping to post more than quarterly now that school is back in session. Wish me luck!

Jennifer - September 11, 2013 - 8:15 am

Yay!! You’re back!