26 months & 2 days

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You are totally two. You want to do things yourself and often hold your hand up (palm out, fingers up) as you say, "my turn." Or another version, "MaMa's turn" (what you call yourself). You delight in washing your own hands. Opening the powder room door, climbing up the step, turning on the light and water, & pumping out soap all by yourself. You can even dry your hands (sort of) thrn the light off, leaving and closing the door behind you. SO CUTE. You treat it like an activity. It gets you out of the car happily (away from the Little Einstines) and into the house in as quick a manner as I can possibly expect.

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You delight in putting on and taking off your own shoes. Sometimes you even mannage to get the correct shoe on each foot. Yeah velcro!!

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Your playtime has exploded. You are beginning to play by yourself more. Hip Hip Horay!! I can suggest an activity or toy and you will sometimes go get it out and play. You work this puzzle often and enjoy placing all the animals in this puzzle by yourself.  You also get out your crayons or map pencils and paper all by yourself and go to town coloring at your little table.

It is a joy and delight to watch you learn and grow sweet girl. We adore you!!

Gail Day - November 21, 2008 - 8:31 am

These are GREAT photos. I’m about to explode for next week to arrive. Bill REALLY, REALLY needs a break!

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