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Friday was "clean the house" day. We stayed in all day and while I worked, she played.
This is a milestone for me personally, and ok, her too. For me, the ability to keep my cool and work slower than I want to in order to help, and play and teach has been long coming. I would rather fly thru tasks while she's occupied by someone else (Ben) & play after.

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Yesterday, I experienced proof that the Spirit is alive and active in my life (& hers) and my continued ability to grow as a human being. I successfully completed part of my list and didn't get frustrated with Mallroy for being her sweet inquisitive self. I actually enjoyed her company while working around her. No, I didn't get everything done. No, not everything is completed to my "normal" standards. But yes, she and I had a good day.

As a reward we watched a movie as a family after dinner. It was our second attempt at "family movie night." Last Friday night we watched Sleeping Beauty. Ben and I nearly felt asleep during the interminable 50 year old classic. Mallory enjoyed the "big castle" scenes and reading Goodnight Gorilla about 7 times during the film. But to say she "watched the movie" would be a gross exaggeration.

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Yesterday, we watched WALL-E. It held our attention much more than fairy tale sleepy time. Mallory made it thru the first 15 minutes. Sadly, I just don't think she's quite ready to sit thru a full length feature film. Even the short animated ones. But hanging out together is always a good idea:)

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heidi - November 25, 2008 - 10:54 am

So sweet… And such a good reminder. I struggle with wanting to get everything done and not be interrupted too. Thanks for the reminder that the kids are little people who just want to participate and feel the love… Good post!

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