second grade begins

second grade collage

I seriously cannot believe my baby girl is a second grader. She was up an hour earlier than usual and I was thrilled we had friends over to fill the time before leaving for school. After a celebratory breakfast of scones and scrambled eggs, we headed to Heritage Elementary for her first official day of second grade. She was delighted to wear her new turquoise Converse shoes and equally excited to use her new backpack (every other year she gets a new one.) The one school supply we had to purchase ourselves was a zipper binder-it too is turquoise. Are you seeing a theme? I’m so thankful our school’s PTO sells grade level specific supplies!!  It’s a half day so John Mark and I get to have lunch with her after making it thru the car rider line. We only have to keep ourselves industriously occupied until then! Happy school year sweet love, I’m praying blessings over your friendships and teachers. I know that the Lord will give you opportunities to show kindness, love and serve others. Let your light shine before the world my sweet that our Father in heaven will be glorified.

Nonnie - August 8, 2014 - 1:25 pm

Thanks for the pics! She is certainly excited!

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